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How To Take Care Of The Skin With Fruits And Vegetables?

  We can take care of our skin in many ways with fruits and vegetables. Our country is the main country in agriculture. In our country, many fruits and vegetables are available in the market during winter. In winter, 

the moisture in the air is less and the skin becomes dry and rough. So it becomes a bit more important to take care of our skin in winter. Now we know how to care for the skin in different ways through fruits and vegetables. Click on the health text below to read more posts about health.

How To Take Care Of The Skin With Fruits And Vegetables?

1) orange- A fruit called Vitamin C is orange. In the winter, oatmeal helps to clear the skin of crushed and curly hair. Winter builds up resistance by fighting against colds. If you have dark spots in your face, add half teaspoon of sesame seeds and one teaspoon of milk to Kamalalebu Khosa Beta and apply half an hour to your mouth. As soon as you drink the orange juice, you can eat it. The juice will act as a skin tonic on your face. The color of the cow helps to be brighter. If the pores of the follicles fall off the skin of the dirt accumulates in the dust, then you will use orange. By this time the filth of the dirt was opened by dirty dirt. Mix one teaspoon of lanolin, 2 teaspoon honey with one orange juice.

 Then remove it around your eyes. Wash for 5-20 minutes. Dry in the sunshine of Kamlalebu and knead it with a few drops of olive oil. Using it causes moisture in the skin, the tension in the skin,

2) Tomatoes - You can use tomatoes to remove black spots on your dry, rough, itchy skin. This will make your skin soft. Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin 'C'.Vitamin 'C' is important for preventing the aging of the skin, black soft hair like silk, melanin pigment on the skin. You can eat tomato salad on winter days or throughout the year to get the skin salty. With a tomato juice, mix a few drops of patella juice, 1 teaspoon glycerin, 2 tablespoons olive oil, and apply it on your hands, mouth, neck. Wash for 20-20 minutes.

3) Carrots - Carrots are the name of a vegetable rich in Vitamin 'A'. Carrot contains bitcoin, called 'Pro-Vitamin A' Playing carrot on a winter day will make your skin smooth, soft and radiant, and your eyes are radiant. The skin is crushed due to lack of vitamin 'A'. Those who have ink on their eyes, mixed with raw milk with carrot juice and apply it to the eyes, remove the ink. First, finely chop the carrots and then boil them or mix them with 1 tablespoon basin, 2 tablespoons raw milk. After applying the mouth for 20-20 minutes, first, rinse with warm water, then wash your face with cold water.

4) Bin - You can make skin tonic with the help of green bean. Cut the beans into small pieces and boil them in water with a lid in a steel container. This time, strain the water and keep it in the refrigerator. After face facial, rub it in the face. Make it every day for a while. Don't use old ones anymore. Create new and use again.

5) Apple - In the winter there are lots of apples available in the market. Apple contains malic acid. Apple is the ideal fruit as an oily skin toner. It can also be used for rough and dry skin. Peel the apple and chop it into pieces. Then boil the cut parts well. Make a mixture by mixing boiled apple chunks and 1 teaspoon honey. Wash after placing on the face for 20-20 minutes. Use it at least once a week.

6) Cabbage - Cabbage contains a lot of vitamins 'A' and 'C'. Vitamin 'C' works well on the skin and on dry skin. Combine half teaspoon East and half teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon cabbage juice. Rinse with water after mouth-watering for 8-20 minutes.

  How do you like our writing and if you have any questions, please comment below. Please share the post to reach out to your friends. Click on the health text on your left to read more posts about health. Thanks.


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