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What Are The 7 Ways To Stay Healthy And Healthy?

What Are The 7 Ways To Stay Healthy And Healthy?

  Only freedom from disease or health or physical fitness of the body is not able-bodied, the health of the person's social, emotional, and physical attributes of a combination, which helps him to live life to the fullest - the World Health Organization. Health is one of the greatest assets of human life. We all want a healthy, healthy life. 

What Are The 7 Ways To Stay Healthy And Healthy?

So we need to take care of food drink , light, air , bath , clothing , sleep , rest, etc. Now we know that there are ways to keep our body healthy , healthy . They will always try to comply with , the result that you get healthy , able-bodied , the long life to live.

1) Food - Food is the main source of energy in our body. We need to take digestive, nutritious, short food according to our age and body capacity. Foods should be eaten according to the number of children and the elderly. All the foods we eat, a) Protein -Produces body heat, consumes, builds the body components. Beans, peas, jack fruit, nutssesame seeds, mushrooms, etc. received from the protein. B) Fat or fat national - produces fat or fat in the body. Fish , meat , eggs ,  Fat is available from milk , ghee , rash , etc. C) carbohydrates the body's ability to work , heat production , body and spirit creates. Available in potatoes , corn , wheat , apples , lentils , sugarcane , honey , eggs. D) VitaminsAnother name for vitamins is food. In this way, the body weakens its ability to withstand disease. Attacks various diseases. Vitamins are available in mangoes , carrots , pulses ,greens , soybeans ,Banana , curd , butter , eggs , mansate. E) Salt - Salt is the essential ingredient for our body. We get salt from vegetables , fruits and other foods. We need to eat these foods.
 Ii) bath is  - the body should be washed regularly every day in order to keep healthy. Use clean and pure water for bathing. Worse , do not use rotten water. If you do then you will have various skin diseases. Use cold , clean , safe , water. If you can take a bath in the morning. Bathing in the morning is good for health. You can use some hot water with cold water. Don't stay in the water for too long. Before bathing, you should wipe the oil of mustard. Sprinkle disinfectant soap during bath. 

2) Clean clothing  - The clothes we use every day need to be cleaned regularly. Cloth spreads various skin or skin diseases. Do not use the same clothing for several days. Wash before using the next time. Do not wash the skin from the previous sweat , odor can be seen.Do not use old clothes. If you can, change the old clothes in 5 to 6 months. Using old clothes will return to your old skin problem. 

3) Water light air  - Water helps in the maturation of our food and other tasks. Eat pure water if you want to drink water. It is best to eat cold water after boiling. After half an hour of eating, eat cold water. Those who have stomach problems will drink a little warm water.As an alternative to water, you can eat different fruit juices , sugarcane juice , dab water.The one who can easily enter the light and the air will be in the room. Proper lighting is healthy , Radiation is needed for the body's health. That's why young children are kept in the morning sun. More or less light makes the sight worse. Suitable lighting keeps our eyesight right. We depend on the wind to capture life and breathe. The pure and pure air makes people beautiful and healthy. Pure air   contains the appropriate amount of oxygen.

4) Exercise  - In the present life, nobody has extra time. Everyone has their own business.Body composition is not so well done. Bodybuilding needs to be done daily to keep the body healthy. In the morning or evening you can walk for 5 to 5 minutes. Walking is the best exercise. Can swim for some time. Do various yoga exercises. 

5) Mental Thoughts  - We often get sick with the brunt of mental thoughts. Many things happen in our lives. Remember that what you have in the past is no longer in your hands.You can't change that anymore. So do not remember such events more often. Take a note and move on. Excessive thought can reduce your brain's intelligence , memory , or memoryI do not want to do any work. Forget when to work. If so, write down the work in a diary.Thinking is the biggest disease in the world. Live happily ever after and leave thinking today . 

6) Body Care  - In order to be healthy , healthy , we need to take care of our body.Miyamita daily bath , teeth brushed , his face should be kept clean. Brush your teeth after meals. Children may have dental problems when they eat extra chocolate or sweet foods.Will clean the ear , ear tinker aspects cold. Clean your eyes with cold clear water. Vitamin A is useful for the eyes . The germs enter our bodies through the nails of our hands. So regularly cut off the nails of the hands and feet.  

7) suabhyasa structure  - not for us to leave kuabhyasa, suabhyasa be formed. Suabhyasa is shot - in his work to himself, drawing, singing, early in the morning to wake up, sport, body to keep clean. People get it from society and family.

8) Sense of illness  - Work is encouraged when we are healthy, but when we are sick, we are not encouraged. Our disease is mainly caused by two factors. A) Infected - bowel ,cholera , AIDS etc. These diseases spread from one organism to another. These diseases are caused by drinking contaminated water, infecting germs in food , etc. B) Infectious -diabetes, heart disease, mental stress, lack of vitamin and mineral salts, malnutrition, diseases from genetically predisposed men. If the body becomes ill, the doctor will show it and take care of the disease.   

9) Entertainment  - Finally, there will be work stresses in life , one has to find some joy in him. Listening to music, jokes, reading, once a month, you can go for a walk. There is always a smile on my face. Learn something new every day. Start moving in a new way yourself today. 

  How do you like our writing and if you have any questions, please comment below. Please share the post to reach out to your friends. Click on the health text below to read more posts on health. Thank you so much for reading the entire post .


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