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What Are The Causes Of Weight Gain, What Are The Different Ways To Lose Weight ?.

What Are The Causes Of Weight Gain, What Are The Different Ways To Lose Weight ?.

 If the amount of fat in our body is excessive and adipose tissue growth is abnormal, then it is called obesity. Overweight or overweight are never signs of good health in our body. 

On average, 5% of an adult male is in the body and 20% of the female is in the body. If we increase the fat content by 5%, then there are signs of obesity. Like many countries around the world, India and Bangladesh have this problem. Weight gain can lead to increased blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular problems. 

What Are The Causes Of Weight Gain, What Are The Different Ways To Lose Weight ?.

Food - Our body is obese or gains weight for various reasons. Mainly due to diet we gain weight in the body. Food is the main cause of the body's development, growth and energy production. Economically sound people consume more food than they need. As a result, they can see signs of obesity.The main components of the diet are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, mineral salts .Energy comes from carbohydrates: 3-5%, fat comes from 5-7%, protein comes from 20-25%.

 If you eat carbohydrates and fats, they are the main source of energy in our body. Carbohydrates are easier to digest than fat. If you eat too much fat, the body is more likely to be fat.

Heredity - Many people think that heredity is another factor in weight gain.Weight gain has nothing to do with the hereditary category. In most cases, that family has long been in the habit of eating high-value foods such as ghee, butter and sugar in their diet list. As a result, people of this family for a long time eaten such foods, reaching their hereditary level. People of the same genus are obese because of the high heat food intake for a long time .

Bodybuilding - By not exercising or exercising regularly, our body gets fat. We rarely see obese people in the hills. The reason is that they work hard in everyday life. Not exercising or exercising does not cost us calories. We have the potential to be obese in this regard. Again, those who work hard have higher calorie consumption, and those who sit down have less calorie consumption. As a result, those who do not work hard are more likely to become obese.

Thyroid and Pituitary Gland - It is often seen that the appropriate hormone is not released from the thyroid and pituitary gland This leads to problems withmetabolism The weight of the body increases. Because of this, the number of obese people is less than 5%. Again as we age, we gain weight. If you are 25 years old now, you are likely to increase your weight by 5 kilograms per year.Weight gain is also caused by different people.  

What are the different ways to lose weight  -
 1) To lose weight, our main task is to control our diet. When you do not eat, if you are hungry, then you will eat. There should be more fresh vegetables in the food list. Eat as much as possible, low fat and fish. It is best not to eat sugary foods, extra oil-spices or spices. Eat fish kaliya one to two times a month. In daily cooking, cook the broth with a light spice. Eat less sugary,

 cold drinks and other foods. Sometimes if you get hungry then you can eat fruits, nuts, roasted boiled eggs, etc. Packet varieties are strictly forbidden to eat. Slowly chew the food while eating. Many people begin to cure for being sick again. Don't do it every day. Eat as much food as you need while eating. Every day we will consume more calories than the amount of calories we get from food.

2) Excess of fat can be eliminated through sports or exercise or body exercises.Exercise 3-5 minutes regularly. If you cannot exercise, take a 5-minute walk every morning or evening. Walking will cost you calories in body. Try to schedule a walk before sunrise in the morning and after sunset in the evening.Swimming is beneficial to health Swimming takes place throughout the body.Helps keep the body moving. Swimming consumes a lot of calories in our body.As soon as you get out of the house, you can not walk in the car or walk up to the road or stand. Always keep yourself involved in any hard work.

3) When you do not fall asleep. Do not sleep for too long. Sleep more time will increase the weight. Get at least 3-4 hours of sleep every day Do not sleep overnight and do not wake up late. Sleep as early as possible at night and try to get up early in the morning. Don't stay up all day. Sitting does not cost calories to the body. As a result, your body weight will increase. Take a short walk in the interval of work for 5 to 5 hours at least. 

4) When shooting the above work, don't think why you are not losing weight. Is it possible to reduce the weight you have grown for so long? Give it time, don't settle for anything in the hopes of getting the results sooner. Gradually you lose weight, the body can become ill if you lose more weight at the same time.Meanwhile, keep in mind.

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