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What Are The Different Hair Problems And Solutions?

What Are The Different Hair Problems And Solutions?

   We all want soft, clean, beautiful, vibrant, healing, shiny hair. To achieve that, we need regular care of our hair. There are two types of thin and thick hair, depending on the cause of the gene. A hair falls on your head after two years, and new hair is made on the head.

 For the color cells, our hair color
becomes black white brown. Hair color changes if your body is bad or old. If you want to get sparkling, vibrant, healing, soft, clean hair, follow the ways I tell you now.  What Are The Different Hair Problems And Solutions?

Hair Sharing - These are the aspects you will notice when shaving hair. After combing the hair, rub the hair with a lid. Do not shave the hair when it is loud or wet. Brush your hair with a brush in the evening. Shake the hair before going to bed at night, running it from top to bottom. Before using brushes and rubies, you should see that it is a good variety. Always keep brushes and bristles clean. Hair is cleansed cleanly if it is short-sided. Those whose hair is thin or thin will use a brush. 

Haircare - hair care, such as for protein foods fish, meat, eggs , fruit, milk and green vegetables to eat. They should be kept with iodine and iron. You need to bathe regularly, not just clean the head in water, so shampoo the head once a week or four or five days at a time. Excess shampoo causes hair loss. After shampooing on dry hair, you can apply oil. After shampoo, you can wash your head with 1 liter of juice in 1-liter water.  

  Mehendi leaves are used, such as hair care, hair color, hair done nutrients. Vitamin ' is available on this page. Combine 2 tablespoons coffee powder with powdered Mehendi leaves and mix it with powdered lemon juice or tuck curd. Use the leaves in jagged water and use them twice a month. Hair dye contains various chemical colors, which can make your hair weak. It is better to useless. 

   Different Hair Problems and Solutions -

3) Red hair  - If you do not shave your head, then the hair becomes red, dirty, sandy, dusty. If you get sick for a long time or do not add oil to your hair, the hair turns red. Too cold or hot, the hair turns red if the light does not feel properly. If the water is high in chlorine, the hair turns red. Consult a doctor, eat a diet rich in vitamin C. Stay away from salt and chlorine water. Do not apply sunshine to your hair. Add java flower juice to the hair. 

Ii) the tip of the fracture  - hair combing or neglect burst tip of the hair. The doctor advised taking a vitamin C tablet. Mix 1 spoon glycerin, 5 eggs 2 teaspoons castor well with tablespoons vinegar and apply on the head. Wash after placing for 1 hour. Before bed, gently massage with a hot coconut oil fingertip. Hold the towel soaked in hot water and wrap it in the head for 5 minutes. The next day add 1 gram of tuck yogurt, 1 teaspoon of juice, 3 eggs. After 2 hours wash thoroughly with shampoo.   

3) Cough  - Cough is a type of skin problem on the head. The thin skin on the skin is seen as dry and white and stuck to the head. They come out when the hair is gripped or rubbed. The main reason is that our vitamin and lack. These are dirty hair, no light air, mental thoughts, these are in winter. Can apply good shampoo or herbs. Eat less sugary and fast foods. Take some onions, squeeze them and put them on the juice for half an hour. Lightly place the seeds of the flower flowers on the bat. Afterward clean with shampoo. 

3) Lice  - Most people have hair problems with lice. The lice survive on the skin of the head. Keep the head clean at all times. The lice die when they apply the juice of the basil leaves. Shake the hair several times a day and before going to bed at night. Shampoo 2-4 times a week. Mix naphthalene powder with coconut oil, it does not look like the eyes. Then wash your head with shampoo. 

3) Hair is ripe and dewy  - With age, our hair gets naturally wrinkled and falls off. Naturally, the hair that falls on it again. Every day we have hair fall by 3-5pm, if you see more hair falling on it then your hair will be reduced. Money can be seen in the call without remedy. Wherever the hair is growing in the head, add fresh coconut oil and mix with coconut oil to add fresh hair. Add sour juice to the tamarind. If you lay eggs, your hair will thicken. Mix two tablespoons of yogurt, a few drops of tamarind juice, a few drops of pithilibur juice and apply it to the entire hair well. The next day, wash with herbal shampoo and honey. 

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