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What Are The Different Tips On Our Health?

  Different tasks come in handy for us at different times. Now we will talk about some health tips. Many articles about health have been posted before us, if you have not read them then click on the health article below. 

You can easily remember these suggestions and the task will be easy. Let's get to know various tips on health without delay.

What Are The Different Tips On Our Health?

1) If there is an iron stain on the cloth, rub the lemon juice and salt together and rub it on the stain to remove the stain. This will cause stains to rise. Patil juice helps to tighten teeth and grow nails. Patilibe contains Vitamin C, which fills our body with Vitamin C deficiency.

 When the face is washed with water mixed with the potatilube juice, the face of the face increases. Every morning, to get emptied with the juice of half a pot of lukewarm water in warm water, the body is refreshed and stimulates work.

2) If the onion juice is applied to the wound where the scorpion or bite is bitten, the irritation will decrease. In the event of an ant infestation in your house, take a glass of water to remove it, so that the plant will soak the leaves. Pour that water into the ant hole, the ants will not come again. Worms get better by playing regular pineapple juice every morning. Playing the water of perpetuity also yields good results.

3) If the head is dying months and itching, apply a few drops of water on the head. If you have lice in the head, put a few basil leaves on the pillow and sleep. To remove the scum, rub it on the batter and place it for half an hour. Then take a good bath.

4) Many again have visible black spots around the eyes. To remove it, apply raw milk around the eyes with cotton. This will take a few days. If your body has a mixture of some hingeshak and sandalwood bait to remove it from the mole, apply it several times over the mole several times.

5) Playing Kachu eliminates the weakness of our body. Playing white kutch, Manchu, etc. increases the body's performance and eliminates fatigue. The effect of worms is eliminated by playing grapefruit banana. Gum is a disease of ghee filled stomach. Do not eat radish, ghee, and honey together. Eating small amounts in Kartik month is good for health.

6) If your memory is reduced, mix 2 teaspoons of Brahmini juice, 3 cups hot milk, 1 teaspoon sugar and eat it every morning for 6 months after tiffin. If you have a crazy feeling, you should eat 3-4 spoonfuls of Brahmi Vegetable juice, 3 spoon honey, half a spoon of crushed rice every morning for 6 months after tiffin.

7) If you have acne on your face, take 1 gram white mustard and 5 grams raw milk bat and rub it in the mouth. Keep it in the mouth for half an hour. Then wash your face thoroughly. In this way, you should eat it once a day for 5-20 days.

8) We do not regularly care for teeth because of insect bite. After eating something, the face should be thoroughly washed. Chocolate, lozenges, cakes, biscuits, etc. should not be eaten too much and wash your face after eating.

9) Where to cut, if the leaves of Durban or bald flowers are applied to the beetle, then it is useful. In case of injury, lime and raw yellow beets should be warmed up. As soon as the potatoes are burnt after burning, the irritation is reduced.

10) If your metal is weak, then take 5 grams masklai half a liter of water and boil it to 20 grams. In the morning after the cold, after tiffin, eat once daily for 6 months. Those whose metals are dried with a little excitement, they need to eat 4-12 drops of boiled gum with 5 breaths of air every morning for 5 months after tiffin.

  How do you like our writing and if you have any questions, please comment below. Please share the post to reach out to your friends. Click on the health text below to read more posts on health. Thank you so much for reading the entire post.


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