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What Are The Important Roles Of Water In Human Life?

What Are The Important Roles Of Water In Human Life?

   Another name for water is life. You cannot live without drinking water .But how on earth was water created. At the time of the creation of the earth was a fiery fire or gaseous body. After many years, the outside world becomes cold.

 Then the star of the sky, the water vapor, cools down and falls on the earth in the form of rain. Thousands of years of heavy rains flood the lower parts of the earth to create seas, oceans, and so on. Although we generally see water as a liquid, it is divided into three parts: solid (ice), gaseous (water vapor).

What Are The Important Roles Of Water In Human Life?


Four-fourths of the world's water. There are 5 percent of the world's total water.The remaining 5 percent water is under the river, lake, glacier, soil. There is no existence of water on any planet other than the earth. The Earth looks blue from the sky for having a lot of water.

 The water in the seas, oceans, is salty. Except for the 5 percent of the water that is in the sea, ocean, 5 percent freshwater is available. This freshwater II 3 percent water, mountains, snow, glaciers, polar regions are stored. The rest of the water is stored beneath the soil and elsewhere. Although 5 percent of the world's water is covered, only 5 percent of the drinking water is available. In the Northern Hemisphere, the share of water and land are equal, but in the Southern Hemisphere, the share of water is 5 percent higher.

  In the daytime, in the intense heat of the sun, water from rivers, seas, reservoirs mixes with water and evaporates. Water vapor rises above the air to lighten. Upon exposure to the cold air, the water vapor cools and turns into water. The cloud then floats with the help of clouds, sheltering the dust in the air. The smaller water bodies turn into larger water bodies. Due to the heaviness of the air and unable to float, the earth draws down in the form of rain. If it rises higher then the water vapor cools and turns into ice particles. It comes down to earth in the form of snow, which is called rock rain or snow rain.

 Without life on earth, life cannot exist. Fish and other aquatic animals live in rivers, seas, reservoirs. The sea connects all the continents of the earth with waterways. As a result, the water level is equal in all parts of the earth. For this reason, depth and height are measured relative to the average sea level. There are five oceans in our world. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world.Almost half of the earth's range. Atlantic Ocean II and Indian Ocean III. The Sumeru Ocean is the smallest ocean.

  We use water every day for various tasks. The main task is to take it as a drink. Besides, cooking, bathing, clothes, washing utensils, lighting a fire, etc. Water can dissolve any substance. This is why water is called a universal solvent. The water itself has no color. Helps participate in various chemical reactions. After digesting food to digest food, part of the food that is not digested helps the body to get out of the body.

 Different objects spread from one end of the body to the other. Water is released from the body through sweat and the body becomes cold. Water is needed to make food for the plants. The tree absorbs water by the root, that water goes to the leaves of the tree. Oxygen gas is broken down into the water when making food on the leaves. That's the oxygen gas we use.

  The amount of water in different materials varies. The human body contains 1 percent water, 5 percent in jellyfish, 5 percent in eggs, 5 percent in cucumbers, 5 percent in wood, 5 percent in rice and vegetables. If a healthy person consumes 5 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight per day, then his body needs water. That means if you weigh 5 kg, drink 5 milliliters, 1 liter if 25 kg, 5 liter if 5 kg, 2 liter if 5 kg, 2.5 liter if 5 kg, 3 liter if 5 kg. Every day some amount of water is released from our body. Tear water 5 ml, 25 ml through stool, 1.5 to 2 liters by urine.

  The main problem at present is water pollution and water wastage. We are water pollution and water wastage every day. I am polluting water with various garbage, dirt, etc. Water is polluted due to chemicals in the cultivated land.Different industrial centers, mill factories mix water into the river and pollute the river water. The oil vessel sinks into the sea or river, and the oil causes pollution in the sea or in the river.

 The big thing is that we do a lot of water waste. Today, around 4 million people on the planet are deprived of safe drinking water. India is facing a water crisis like many parts of the world today.In order to save the world, we need to stop water pollution and water waste right away. It is important to raise awareness among all. So let's all together stop water pollution and water wastage.

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