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What Are The Ways To Sleep Properly To Protect Health And Beauty ?.

What Are The Ways To Sleep Properly To Protect Health And Beauty ?.

 We work from morning to evening every day. Eyes closed in the bed on the bed. The new sun attracts the body and our mind with new energy and breaks our sleep. 

Sleep is a normal event in people's lives. However, there are many people who cannot sleep well at night. If you do not get proper sleep at night, you may experience various problems such as heart failure, lung damage, mood disorders, mental distress. Due to low melatonin formation, ink under the eyes, the color of the body becomes black.

What Are The Ways To Sleep Properly To Protect Health And Beauty ?.


Different people do not sleep for different reasons. If you have thoughts, eating extra food at night, drinking extra tea, coffee, cigarettes, drinking and so on. Many others are sick, such as tuberculosis, asthma, shortness of breath, headaches, etc. In case of death or separation of a close relative of many.

  What does sleep mean? According to scientists - if our brain shows a lack of blood supply, we get sleep. According to modern scientists - our brain has a special neuron behind the 'hypothalamus' part. These nerves send a kind of chemical signal from the pill to make us sleepy.

  What are the ways to sleep properly -

1) Eliminate anxiety - The main reason most people do not sleep is to worry. In bed, the thoughts of the earth crowd as much as the head. You get tired of thinking about different things. Then it is too late to sleep. So, just think of the thought that lies in your bed when you think about it. Eliminate the thought that you are suffering. Do not remember any sadness in your life for long. In it you will find nothing but trouble.

2) Desire of the mind - Many people have different desires in life, he always tries to fulfill them. However, when it is found that the desires of his mind are not fulfilled, he is not anxious, he is not able to sleep. Therefore, it is good to dream, but, to fulfill what is not fulfilled, do not disturb yourself by eating and sleeping. You will get as much in your life as you deserve.

3) Proper diet - Do not eat foods containing high protein in your diet before going to bed at night, you will have problems in digestion. After dinner, do not drink tea, coffee. They increase the level of caffeine in your body. This is why we are late to sleep. Eat small and easy-to-eat foods. Before going to bed at night, drink a glass of milk or water.

4) Time - Do you wake up at night, wake up late in the morning. So change this habit today. Waking up early in the morning should not work until late at night.Because - when our ancestors lived in the forests, they would go to bed early after sunset and get up in the morning. We are currently doing the opposite. You specify a time each day. Sleep at that particular time. Sleep in at 7pm and wake up in the morning. We need at least 3-4 hours of sleep every day. Without sick, young and old, we don't need much sleep at noon.

 However, a little leisure in the work space, our brain is refreshed.  Our perfect time to study is before going to bed and after getting up. The reason - our brains are especially influential this time.

3) Body Care - You can do somebody care before you sleep. Bleeding on the head before sleep increases blood circulation to the skin of the brain. This makes us sleepy. You can use grapes, strawberries, milk, mulberry soil to nourish the skin once a week before bedtime. You must remove facial makeup before going to sleep.  If your body can massage before bed then it is very good. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly with water. You can give a splash of water to your eyes. Sleep in light and loose clothes. It is best to cleanse the skin and body with warm-hot water.

4) Bed - Bed has a relationship with sleep. Before bed, fold the bed and take a good look. You must use mosquitoes daily. Look for mosquitoes, ants, insects, or any other objects in the mosquito. Always keep the bed clean. Do not use too soft or too hard beds and pillows. Keep your head upright during sleep. It is best if you do not use two pillows.

5) Sleep environment - Create a sleep environment before going to bed. Stop using mobile, TV or electronic objects for about half an hour before bed. The house has as much darkness or light as possible. Don't talk loud or listen to music before bed. The room should be as cold as possible so that you can sleep easily. Do not take any medication other than your doctor.

6) Bed type - Sleeping is best for sleeping. But do not sleep the same way overnight. You will listen to the way you feel comfortable in the sun. Do not sleep all over the body, spread out, or tense. You can take a cole pillow on the floor of two knees.

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